Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment is a learning through participation process that helps young people to reveal their capacity and opportunities to be actors for better change in their own lives and in their communities.

In our activities we focus on three main elements of youth empowerment:

Skill Development

We believe, that the more you know how to do and how to do these things good – the more you actually can do! Together we work on strengthening the skills of young people and exploring new opportunities for them – so they know how to effectively make decisions, positively interact with their peers, and act as community advocates.


It is very important to educate young people about issues that affect their lives and provide young people with resources and knowledge to analyze these effects and to become actors of change at the individial level and in their communities.


Together with other youth civil society organizations and student associations in Albania and in the Balkans we provide platforms for youth intercultural dialogue, peer-to-peer learning and cooperation.

OSCE Youth Action Plan: Let’s make it work in Albania!

In partnership with the OSCE Youth Ambassadors – 57 young leaders from all OSCE Participating States – we develop channels for youth inclusion to the decision-making level in their communities and at the international level. Step by step we put our efforts in establishing infrastructure of communication with the local authorities and international organizations to recognize youth as relevant actors in the field of policy change.

You can learn more about the OSCE Youth Ambassadors network here. Our guiding document OSCE Youth Action Plan was adopted by the 21st OSCE Ministerial Council in December, 2014 – it encourages OSCE Partcipating States (and Albania is one of them) to involve young people to the decision-making level and develop youth-friendly national policies in the field of youth protection, promotion and participation.

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